The Trinity of Well-Being

Many people search for that magic bullet, that little secret, that specially formulated pill to solve issues in health, mood, energy levels, etc. Spoiler warning: There is no instant fix.

The key to a healthy life and general well-being lies in three very basic components.

  1. Proper nutrition. A good balance between proteins, ‘good’ (slow release) carbs and fats, minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and other key nutrients. This is where Vigor Mundi can assist, with our range of optimally produced and nutrient rich superfood supplements,
  2. Sufficient exercise. No superfoods in the world alone can keep you vitality without exercise. Cardio, coordination, stretching, martial arts, yoga, fitness, gymnastics, cycling, breathing, basically any structured physical exercises one can fit into their daily schedule. All of these go a long way to building stamina and boosting energy levels.
  3. Sleep and rest. You can eat healthy all you want, exercise till you drop, but that is all negated if you don’t give your body some good, deep sleep to repair broken amino acid chains, build and repair muscles, cells and tissue, and simply give the brain a good rest.

If we ignore most of the advice and published health studies, and push our bodies and minds beyond their natural limits and rhythm, then we choose the road to chronic fatigue. The best way to reset bad habits, or a lack of direction and productivity is to simply get back to these basics.

So it is with these essential three components in mind that we will discuss nutrition in the next series of articles. Short and simple, a summary of my own journey in finding what works best for me to boost performance, basic functioning and bring joy in a modern society where it's easy to get caught up in the urban rat race, stressed by deadlines and other social or financial pressures.

Disclaimer: These journals are only personal opinions, just general guidelines on health in general and vitality in my own life. Each person is very different, with individual medical conditions or indications. and so it’s always best to consult professional medical advice.