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Dragon’s Blood, also known as Sangre de Grado and Sangre de Drago, is liquid latex tree-sap extracted from the bark of the Croton lechleri tree in the Amazon rain forest. Indigenous people have used it for thousands of years as a very effective wound treatment to stop infection and accelerate the healing process. The sap is rich in active phytochemicals and alkaloids (taspin, for instance) and creates antiseptic barrier by sealing the wound and preventing scar-tissue.

Sangre de Drago has been intensively studied for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. For hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities this is an indispensable item to include in survival and emergency kits.

This 10 ml larger bottle is ideal to fit in small pockets and has a dripping unit on top.

DIRECTIONS: Shake before use. Wash out scratches cuts and wounds (to flush out foreign objects and dirt) with clean water. Add a few drops of the liquid bandage and carefully spread it with a clean finger.


ALLERGY WARNING: Contains latex, always try a small area first to test any reactions.

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